We don’t take too many vacations. I mean, we moved to California in 2013 (almost 5 years ago!) and we have enjoyed exploring this great state since being here. But, we don’t go on a lot of vacations. Nearby trips, sure. But we hardly ever go on a vacation. Most of our vacation time is spent traveling back home to Nebraska, to see family and friends.

The last big vacation we went on that I can remember was to Jamaica which was over 8 years ago. Needless to say, we’ve been wanting to go on one for awhile now.

When Elizabeth and I met, we initially thought it wouldn’t last long. Not because I’m a weirdo, but because she was going to be a foreign exchange student in Italy and was in the process of doing the paper work. We figured we’d hang out for 3-4 months then that’d be the end of it.

Lucky for me, she decided to stay in the US and see how things would go between us. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take her to Italy to get a glimpse of what she missed out on.

Well, the trip is booked and I’m brushing up on my Italian. #excited

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