Thirty One

I turned 31 a month and a day ago. Things have been busy for me. Mostly because I spend so much time traveling to and from work each day… I’m not bitter about it. :) In all honestly though, if I didn’t like my job, the commute wouldn’t be worth it. Lucky for me, I’ve been enjoying it.

That in itself has made my last year. I haven’t really done a ton of stuff other than work. We put in a desert front lawn which took some getting used to visually. I really like the fact that now, I don’t need to mow or water at all. It’s very convenient!

I also recorded my 4 song EP that I’ve been talking about forever. Through the process, I’ve found it hard to find reliable people to work with. I imagine that is kind of what employers feel like when trying to hire for a position. The final mixes are almost done and I’ll post a link soon enough for everyone to listen to. I’m please with my progress so far!

This next year I hope to blog more. That’s it. I’ve basically done everything that I set out to do last year but blog. So this year I’m setting the bar low, blog more. :)

Here are a few pictures from my birthday, we went to Alcatraz this year. Enjoy.

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