Mid-Year Check-in

I haven’t had a ton of time to blog yet this year. That might be the one thing that I haven’t done on my 2016 resolutions list, which I’d consider an accomplishment. I’ve played a lot of drums which has made me very happy. I’ve also bought some recording equipment and cut back on my ambitions of recording 10 songs back to recording 4 songs. That has made the project much more reachable. I’m hoping to get those songs mixed and mastered at the end of July and to release them in August sometime. Fingers crossed that actually happens.

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Site Re-Design

I know it probably doesn’t look like much but, I’ve completely re-written the code base to my blog. I’m hoping to integrate a photo sharing app into it soon so that I can update it with recent pictures whenever I take one with my phone (think Instagram but for my blog). Might be a bit much but it will allow for me to update my blog on a much more regular schedule.

Updating the code will also allow me to easily update the site as a “normal user” not diggin into code every time I want to make an update. :)

Anyways, It will be much nicer for me to use.