Ready Set Go!

So I just want to go on record and state that God works in weird ways. As many of you know I’ve been working at Delinea this last year and I’ve been loving it. The Delinea crew is talented, hard working, and I love being apart of the team. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to pursue freelance work more than what I normally do.

I’m happy to announce that I’m going to start freelancing quite a bit more now. I’ll be doing freelance enough to start my own brand and client base.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m calling this project “Ready Set Go”. If you, or anyone you know has any web related needs feel free to mention my name and send them the link to Ready Set Go! That would help me out a great deal.

I will continue to work for Delinea Design and will balance my time appropriately. I look forward to sharing new Ready Set Go projects and keeping everyone up-to-date with the new things happening in my life!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to follow the cue’s that God has presented to me.

Delinea Update

I’ve been asked by quite a few people how my new position at Delinea Design is going. Well here is the update…

I’ve been working at Delinea since December 15th. Which means I’ve been working there for just over 3 weeks. Granted, I’m still in the honeymoon phase but, I’ve been enjoying myself quite a bit thus far. I’ve already went live with a couple of websites and I’ve started on quite a few new projects.

Delinea treats their employees great. For instance, Delinea has just started a movie night. Once every week or so we get together and watch a movie at the Delinea studio where they have a projector setup and movie theater seating. :) This week ended up being my week to pick the movie selection. I picked “Office Space”. It was a good reminder as to what positions in my past were like.

Another perk to working for such a great company would be getting to take my dogs to work with me. Everyone seems to love Joey and Fred. Who can blame them really!? They are great dogs! I’ve taken them twice so far and they haven’t had any problems that I know of. Its good for them to get out of the house some too.

Working for such a small company gives me the chance to wear many hats. I got to go to a video shoot the other day. Granted I just hauled around equipment and watched the professionals do their thang. It was still fun to start learning about that side of media! I’m hope I get to keep learning more about video in the future.

In conclusion, I could see myself working for this company for awhile. Good people and work I really enjoy = a good combination.


Blog Design

As a web designer and developer I’m never satisfied with my website. I’m constantly thinking of ways things could change and get better. I think I’ve found something that I finally am going to stick with for awhile at least. I’m in the middle of development and I’m hoping to roll out with the new design before the end of the month. Stay tuned…


So I ended up having some free-time on my hands and I finished the new design early. It’s simple and elegant but I can still scale it in the future if needed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.