Home, Only for a Second

We had the privilege to go to Omaha to attend a friends wedding. The trip seemed short and packed full of friends. We miss NE and our friends quite a bit.

Thanks to everyone who made us feel welcomed; especially Ryan and Josey Rogers who were so kind to let us stay at their beautiful home. They put up with us going in and out of their home late at night. You guys are the best!

Omaha in August

It’s hard to visit everyone we want to see when coming back to Nebraska. Most people have day jobs which only leaves nights to hang out and after spending time with the family there isn’t much time left in the week. We did however get to see some dear friends. I took some pics of the time we had. Enjoy.

Best quote of the week – “Beth, You better come quick, b.lew’s knee deep in leather!” – Jossy Rogers


We spent the last week in Omaha. It was a great time, however, I didn’t get to see everyone I would have liked to see. I find it extremely hard to catch up with everyone in only one week. I’m truly grateful for the time I had with friends and family. Below are some pictures I took while on my trip.


From Nebraska to California

We just got to Roseville and so far things have gone smoothly. We drove I80 the entire way and after 2 days of traveling we finally arrived to our new home. Our pups practically slept for the 2 day drive and were actually great dogs the entire time.

I just got home from dropping off Elizabeth from work. I drove home for the first time without our GPS telling me where to go! I guessing I’m learning!

Moving To California

I haven’t lived in any state other than Nebraska. I’ve loved Nebraska and am very thankful for growing up here. I feel like it’s the people in this wonderful state that make Nebraska a great place to live. We have ton of friends and are very blessed with those relationships.

Elizabeth and I however, are moving to California on January 1st 2013. It will be a new chapter in our lives and we both have mixed emotions about the move. Most of them are exciting! My wife Elizabeth received a promotion recently at Union Pacific which will allow her to grow in her career as a recruiter. We are both excited to see what will happen in California with this new opportunity.

To prepare for our move we just had a garage sale. Yes, a garage sale in December seemed like a crazy idea at first, but it wasn’t too bad. We had a good turn out and sold nearly everything we wanted to sell. While trying to sell our “home goods” we met a couple who just came back to Omaha from the same location we are going too in California. It was very comforting to hear them talk about the town and their experiences. I think that the conversation we had with them really got Elizabeth and I excited for the move!

If anyone has any advice on moving or cool locations to check out near Sacramento California let me know in the comments!