New Toy

My bride got me a pretty sweet gift for my 30th birthday. A pork pie drum set. See the pic below.


Travis Barker

There are a number of reasons as to why Travis Barker is my idol. I’d start by saying his drumming is simply fantastic. I love his style, speed and passion. To me, he seems down to earth and I appreciate his roots.

If you haven’t seen Travis Barker drum, click here. He has a marching band style to his drumming that I respect and love. I feel like marching band drumming is fundamentally challenging, you have to be disciplined to be talented at it.

This last weekend, I got the opportunity to meet Travis. He was doing a book signing for his new book “Can I Say” Living large, cheating death, & drums, drums, drums. I just started reading it this week and so far I’m really enjoying it!

Travis signed my book, shook my hand and took a picture with me. I couldn’t have asked for more. The 3 hours I waited in line was worth it! Below are a few pictures from the book signing.

The National

I listen to a lot of music during the work day. I find myself playing albums on repeat quite a bit.
Lately, The National has been one of my goto bands. I wanted to share their performance session from NPR.
I think they are very talented artists.

Some Cool Things Coming…

Generally things in my life have been going really well lately. I have been extremely busy though with all the stuff that I have going on.

A few updates…

1. My Grandpa made it through his big pacemaker surgery. He had everyone worried for a bit. The doctors said he was only using 10% of his heart so we are hoping the pacemaker helps him out quite a bit! Keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

2. Beth has started helping her Dad with his bee business. For those of you who don’t know he is a bee keeper and sells honey! She is excited to learn more about bee’s and honey! We also made a small website for her art work. You can see it here!

3. I’ve recently started playing in a new band. Can’t talk too much about this at the moment but more to come soon. This is probably the most exited I’ve ever been to play in a band. We have some cool things coming which is the reason for the title of this post. :)

4. Things at Apple have been really great! Mountain Lion was recently released and I’ve been happy experimenting with all of the new features.

5. Work at Delinea is going great! We have been getting quite a bit of new business and I’ve been learning a lot when it comes to code. Our subscription has been a huge blessing when it comes to learning! Delinea has also been a huge blessing as my bosses are great people and I truly enjoy working for them!

That’s it for now.