Next Big Purchase

I’ve decided to save up for a moped. I just finished saving for my next computer and I’ve been pondering what to purchase next with my fun money that I get from working at Apple and my choice is a moped.

I’ve always wanted one and now it the time to do it. Here is a link to the one I’m going to purchase.

I will update you on the progress of my savings from time to time to let you know how close I actually am to buying my next toy. :)

UP down UP down

Living in Nebraska you get use to the weather being crazy. The temperature goes up and down from day to day. Lucky for us this year our AC went out when the temperature went up. Yesterday, the house was 87 degrees. I tried calling quite a few places to get our furnace looked at to find out everyone in Omaha is having the same problem as me because no one is able to make it to our house until Thursday at the earliest. Most places said they were booked up till next Tuesday. We are hoping its a minor fix since we just paid off our bathroom. One can only hope. I’ll keep you posted.


I probably went home at 2 in the afternoon yesterday to get our AC fixed and let the repair man in. He was there until 6:45 and finally got things figured out. It didn’t cost as much as we expected but we do need to start saving for another unit now from the info he gave me. Another adventure in the bag, we have AC again. Here is to another day!

April Showers

Man, normally I don’t have April Showers but in 2011 the rain is defiantly coming down (side note: I love thunder storms). This month has been crazy for me so far. From car problems, to stress, to happiness, to no moneyness (Is that even a word?), to winning prizes. Needless to say, things have been a roller coaster ride (2nd time I’ve used this phrase in my new blog already). Continue reading “April Showers”