You win some, you lose some

The other day Elizabeth and I went to Sacramento. We were visiting and checking out the town. After traveling all day long I had been using my cell phone and Elizabeth had been using hers as well. We stop to grab a bite to eat right after sun down. My sister-in-law Becca thought it’d be a good idea to charge our phones while we were hanging out so when it was time to leave we could use them for GPS to get around the town. The place we were at was fine with us using their outlets. I thought it was a great idea as well so I went out to go get our chargers.

While walking to the car I noticed a guy smoking on the porch fairly close to where our rental vehicle was parked. He was keeping a close eye on me for some reason and I got a weird feeling about the situation but didn’t think twice about it. I got about half way back to start charging my phone and turned around to double check to make sure I locked our vehicle. Sure enough everything was locked up.

After charging my phone we went back to the car to find the window shattered and all of my stuff taken. Turns out there isn’t much the police can do about the situation. In fact, they don’t even go to the scene unless its an emergency. So I figured I could either be mad about the situation or kiss goodbye my iPad, extremely expensive headphones, keys and clothes, take the bull by the horns and be thankful I wasn’t there when the guy decided to do this. No one was hurt and now I can look forward to purchasing a new devices in the future when I get the money for it. :)

I’m not saying it was the guy I saw on the porch it might have been some random person walking down the street. Whoever it was got away with stealing and it stinks that there isn’t anything that can be done.

You win some, you lose some.

I’ve found it’s a lot better to think positively about situations like this. Sure I was bummed, I complained to Elizabeth about the situation some but I just kept reminding myself its not a big deal. I was lucky enough to have those belongings for the amount of time I had them. Some countries don’t even have running water. Here in America I’m fortunate enough that I was able go to a Target and buy clean underwear, a toothbrush and have a hotel to sleep/shower in for my next day of traveling.

The National

My friend Jamie Massey introduced me to The National earlier last year and this last week I haven’t been able to stop listening to their album High Violet. If you get the opportunity to check it out I highly recommend it. Below is a video of one of the better songs on the album. Wait until about a minute into the video before the song starts. Continue reading “The National”