Turning 27, I’m officially old.

Today is my birthday. I’m officially 27 years old. After 27 years of being alive, I’ve learned a lot. One thing that I’ve learned about in this last year is that life can get crazy. Seems simple and obvious but this last year has proven to me that no matter what things can come your way life can be very unexpected.

In the last year of my life I’ve accepted a job, started my own company and made a few personal decisions that completely altered my outlook on life. I’ve been very fortunate to have a family that supports me with every decision I’ve made and continue to make. This has been the key part for my sanity for my 26th year of life. My family has been by my side no matter what and I am grateful for that.

I suppose the lesson that I’ve learned most in my 26th year of living is that family is the most important thing and no matter what the situation is, you are never alone. Someone in the world is going through something similar. :)

– Thank you, friends and family. I truly do appreciate you.

For those of you wondering what I got for my birthday; I got a new office chair since I’ve been working from home quite a bit and a mini fridge for my man cave! Other than that I’ve gotten money and lots of wishes.

Last Weekend

We have had a busy last few days.

– We kicked off the weekend with one of my better friends, Tim Miller. He is always a joy to see and getting to finally meet his gf Kristen was a pleasure. I wish the both of them the best as they travel the next few days.

– On Friday, Blink released their new single and I also went to watch the new Harry Potter movie. Both were phenomenal.

– On Saturday, we ended up baby sitting a baby bull dog (Bruce). Joey (Our bull dog #1) was thrilled and Fred (Our bull dog #2) didn’t know what was going on. Bruce and Joey played all day with each other. It was fun getting to watch the dogs enjoy each others company.

– On Sunday, I worked till 5 then we had some friends over and had a BBQ. We had a great night of conversation and laughs.

Summer is in full gear. I haven’t had a night off in quite a while and I can’t say that I mind at all.


Social Media Hiatus

I’ve decided to go on a social media hiatus. I’m taking a break from anything social online, depending on how I feel will determine how long this break will be. I’m thinking at least a week. While I do this I’ve also decided to go on a juice diet. I’m going to attempt to cleanse my mind and body.

If you need to get a hold of me within the next week or two feel free to call me. My personal rules are… I will only be taking phone calls, text messages, and/or face-timing certain loved ones. No iChat, Twitter, FourSquare, Instagram, Facebook, Blogging etc… You get the idea.

Instead I will use my time to hang out with family, friends, discover and write new music.

I will be back in a week…. or so (probably longer). :)