Weekend Gratitude List

I love weekends!!!! Here is my weekend gratitude list for the last few days.

  1. Donuts – We tried Marie’s donuts this weekend which are ranked the top donuts in the area. They are tasty – I’m already craving more.
  2. Neighbors – We got some gifts for our neighbors for the holidays & ended up enjoying some wine with some new neighbors next door. Was great getting to meet them.
  3. Jay-Z – Through work, I scored free tickets to a Jay-Z concert. We had a good time hanging out until midnight. I felt like I was in college again.

Friday’s Gratitude List

We all have lots to be thankful for. Here is my gratitude list for today.

  1. It’s Friday – I love Friday! It’s the end of the week/start of the weekend. I can stay up late and not have to wake up early tomorrow!
  2. Lunch – Today, my boss is buying us lunch today! FREE FOOOD!
  3. Connecting with coworkers – we go on a walk everyday at 3:30. This, a lot of the time, is the highlight of my work day.

Thursday’s Gratitude List

I’m going to start being more grateful about little things in life. Here’s my list for today.

  1. Almost the holidays – holiday spirit is in the air and everyone seems a little happier
  2. Beth didn’t have to travel over night this week – she usually travels for work a few days a week. Most of those days require an overnight stay. This week she came back home each day.
  3. Joey, our bulldogs sight. Our pup wasn’t able to see for a few days and we found out he isn’t producing tears. I’m grateful that the doctors knew what was going on and were able to help him see again with eye drops. He won’t be 100% but, we will take what we can get.