Christmas 2015

We thought this years Christmas was going to be big and indeed it was. We started at 2:30 A.M. when we woke up to go to the airport. Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep.

We were hoping visit both sides of the family but sadly my dad caught the flu and we weren’t able to make it to the Lewis Christmas. He is feeling better now and tomorrow is his birthday! Everyone should call to wish him a happy birthday!

Below are some pictures of all the events that went down in Breakenridge CO for the Gledhill, Gines, Lewis Christmas.


It seemed as though Labor day was the day for weddings this year as we got invited to a few of them. Sadly we only got to attend one of them which was in LA. We had a fun trip seeing the stars and all of the touristy stuff in the area. Below are some pics of our trip.

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter everyone! Beth’s mom decided to fly out to visit us for awhile. We spent our day cooking, eating, and going to church.

Dirty 30

Elizabeth turned 30 on the 15th of February. We went out of town to get her mind off of the big 3-0. Mendocino was a very nice, calm, relaxing trip for us. I think it was just what we needed. We ended up staying at a cottage that had an ocean view. Below are a few pics from our trip to Mendocino CA.