New Toy

My bride got me a pretty sweet gift for my 30th birthday. A pork pie drum set. See the pic below.


Travis Barker

There are a number of reasons as to why Travis Barker is my idol. I’d start by saying his drumming is simply fantastic. I love his style, speed and passion. To me, he seems down to earth and I appreciate his roots.

If you haven’t seen Travis Barker drum, click here. He has a marching band style to his drumming that I respect and love. I feel like marching band drumming is fundamentally challenging, you have to be disciplined to be talented at it.

This last weekend, I got the opportunity to meet Travis. He was doing a book signing for his new book “Can I Say” Living large, cheating death, & drums, drums, drums. I just started reading it this week and so far I’m really enjoying it!

Travis signed my book, shook my hand and took a picture with me. I couldn’t have asked for more. The 3 hours I waited in line was worth it! Below are a few pictures from the book signing.


Things have been pretty crazy in the Lewis family. We just got back from a trip to Denver. It was a fun trip we got to see my brother, Nate and Beth’s sister, Melissa and her family. Breckenridge has snow already! I have only been in California for 10 month but I was grateful to be home after freezing in Colorado for a few days.

Currently we are looking for a house in the greater Sacramento area, which means we will be moving once we make a decision on one of them. I can’t wait to start playing drums again. Drums and apartment life don’t mix well. :-/

My family is also coming to visit Oct. 25-28. Parents, Grandma and my Aunt are all attending. So far we have plans to visit Muir Woods to go on a little hike on the first day and then check out Sonoma for the 2nd day they are here. Then the rest of the time they are going to check out our location in Sacramento and see where we live and what it’s like in California.

I have been going through an Invisalign treatment to straighten out me teeth. Most people say I already have straight teeth which is true but they have been shifting and I’d rather do the 6-month treatment with Invisalign then wait and have to do braces for 2 years and Invisalign for another year like my mom is doing now. So far it hasn’t been horrible. Teeth hurt every now and then but nothing extreme so far.

My new job has been great. I’ve been learning a lot when it comes to development which has been humbling but also rewarding. I’m grateful for the team I’m working with and their patience and I am excited to see where things go! So far I couldn’t be happier.

Beth and I joined a dodgeball team, we play every Sunday and we are starting to learning the official rules. It’s been great getting to meet people.

So many fun things happening, I’m excited to see what’s on the horizon.



July has been great so far and I needed it after the month of June. Granted its like a sauna outside with the way the weather has been lately but, I’ve accomplished quite a bit this month and I’ve been very happy.

Here are a few of my accomplishments… Continue reading “July”

My Week’s Summary

This last week has been a roller coster of mixed emotions. I took off Monday and Tuesday at the beginning of the week which could have been quite possibly the best two days I’ve had in a long time (Happy). Then I went back to work Wednesday and I was swamped from missing two days of work and had to catch up on everything (Stressed). On Thursday I had to say goodbye to a co-worker/friend I knew at Apple who leaves today (sad), and this weekend is the 4th of July which is always fun (Happy/Busy).  Continue reading “My Week’s Summary”