Burney Falls

The other day Beth had to go to Mt. Shasta for work and I got to go with her. A manager she works with recommended to go to Burney Falls for a small hike, so we did. It was one of the top hikes I’ve enjoyed in California. Below are some pictures.


It feels like Labor day was the day for weddings this year. We got invited to a few of them. Sadly, we only got to attend one of them in LA. Was a fun trip seeing the stars and doing all of the touristy things in the LA area. Congrats Mark & Amanda!


For our 6 year wedding anniversary, Beth and I went to Yosemite. It’s the one place I’ve wanted to visit since moving to California. We also made a stop on the way to see Beth’s sister and brother in law. While we were there we ended up seeing a beached whale. :(

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