We don’t take too many vacations. I mean, we moved to California in 2013 (almost 5 years ago!) and we have enjoyed exploring this great state since being here. But, we don’t go on a lot of vacations. Nearby trips, sure. But we hardly ever go on a vacation. Most of our vacation time is spent traveling back home to Nebraska, to see family and friends.

The last big vacation we went on that I can remember was to Jamaica which was over 8 years ago. Needless to say, we’ve been wanting to go on one for awhile now.

When Elizabeth and I met, we initially thought it wouldn’t last long. Not because I’m a weirdo, but because she was going to be a foreign exchange student in Italy and was in the process of doing the paper work. We figured we’d hang out for 3-4 months then that’d be the end of it.

Lucky for me, she decided to stay in the US and see how things would go between us. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take her to Italy to get a glimpse of what she missed out on.

Well, the trip is booked and I’m brushing up on my Italian. #excited

Auburn Hiking

Beth likes to go hiking every now and then. She usually has the idea to get out of the house and I usually complain at the thought of doing any sort of physical activity; until I actually get out of the house and we start the process. I find that I enjoy hiking and other activities once embracing it. I’d encourage you to do so as well. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Here are a few pics from our trip.


Pacifica is definitely one of my favorite places. If you get the opportunity to visit, do it. We got to spend last weekend there. Below are some pics.

Thirty One

I turned 31 a month and a day ago. Things have been busy for me. Mostly because I spend so much time traveling to and from work each day… I’m not bitter about it. :) In all honestly though, if I didn’t like my job, the commute wouldn’t be worth it. Lucky for me, I’ve been enjoying it.

That in itself has made my last year. I haven’t really done a ton of stuff other than work. We put in a desert front lawn which took some getting used to visually. I really like the fact that now, I don’t need to mow or water at all. It’s very convenient!

I also recorded my 4 song EP that I’ve been talking about forever. Through the process, I’ve found it hard to find reliable people to work with. I imagine that is kind of what employers feel like when trying to hire for a position. The final mixes are almost done and I’ll post a link soon enough for everyone to listen to. I’m please with my progress so far!

This next year I hope to blog more. That’s it. I’ve basically done everything that I set out to do last year but blog. So this year I’m setting the bar low, blog more. :)

Here are a few pictures from my birthday, we went to Alcatraz this year. Enjoy.

Mid-Year Check-in

I haven’t had a ton of time to blog yet this year. That might be the one thing that I haven’t done on my 2016 resolutions list, which I’d consider an accomplishment. I’ve played a lot of drums which has made me very happy. I’ve also bought some recording equipment and cut back on my ambitions of recording 10 songs back to recording 4 songs. That has made the project much more reachable. I’m hoping to get those songs mixed and mastered at the end of July and to release them in August sometime. Fingers crossed that actually happens.

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