Mid-Year Check-in

I haven’t had a ton of time to blog yet this year. That might be the one thing that I haven’t done on my 2016 resolutions list, which I’d consider an accomplishment. I’ve played a lot of drums which has made me very happy. I’ve also bought some recording equipment and cut back on my ambitions of recording 10 songs back to recording 4 songs. That has made the project much more reachable. I’m hoping to get those songs mixed and mastered at the end of July and to release them in August sometime. Fingers crossed that actually happens.

We’ve had high ambitions of making a few large home updates but every time we get close to making that happen something has came up to not allow for it. We want to make our front yard a xeriscape area. Living in California, you realize how precious water is. This is one way we can contribute to saving a bit of it. After getting our quote on how much it would cost to do the front yard, we decided to wait a bit longer and save some $$$.

Making life simple is always on my list. The older I get, the more complex and complicated life becomes. I travel one hour to and from work so automatically my days are 10 hours instead of 8. If you have ways to save time on daily tasks, I’m all ears. At the moment, I’m looking into Amazon Fresh, which allows one to order groceries online and get them delivered to the house… Don’t judge me. It will save a lot of time. :)

As far as learning goes, I’ve been learning Gulp recently. That has been a ton of fun for me. I want to move on to React to replace my Handlebar usage for templating. The React framework methods kill me on the inside a bit; using JS for everything also seems odd. I basically hate inline styles. I’ve considered Angular as well but they just came out with version 2 and I want to see which way the industry leans.

I’ve been to a few concerts this year. Goo Goo Dolls, Motion City Soundtrack, and Bastille. Hopefully I get to see a few more concerts before the end of the year. Blink 182 is on tour and I’d love to catch them live again.

Lastly, I’ve finally started eating healthier. This has by far been the hardest goal this year, besides blogging more often. What can I say, I’m a fat kid at heart but will continue to strive to lose a few lbs and live a healthier lifestyle. Just this week we signed up for lifetime memberships. By the end of the year I want to be down 10 more lbs. If I make it I will consider this year a huge success. :)

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