This year, I’m going to keep things simple. Here are my 2021 goals:

  • Lose my quarantine 15. COVID has made 2020 a hard year for a lot of people. Going into 2021 doesn’t mean things are going to magically get better but it’s a good time to start making changes. I gained a lot of weight during quarantine in 2020. I’m hoping to lose those lbs this year by using Apple Fitness+ to reach my daily goals and eating less food in general.
  • Get more sleep – Ever since I started tracking my sleep, I’ve started realizing I don’t sleep well or long at all. My average hours of sleep is around 5 hours. I hope to improve that to at least 6 hours a night, by the end of the year.
  • 1 Work goal this year – Improve my Angular skills. In 2020 I’ve written one Angular app and spent a decent amount of time updating/maintaining another. I hope to improve my Angular skills in 2021.

That’s it for 2021. Keeping my goals slim will help me focus on them and hopefully I’ll have better results.

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