We have had our bulldog, Joey for almost 10 years now. We got him right before Beth and I married in 2009. December 1st will be his 10 year birthday. Recently, he has had a few issues and has undergone an eye surgery. His eye lids were rubbing against his eyes. This is a common issue for bull dogs call Entropion. Entropion, happens when the eyelid rolls inward, is often found in breeds that have wrinkled facial folds and prominent eyes.

After the surgery, he has been doing a lot better with his eyes. We took him in to get his stitches out and discovered a tumor. After sampling it, we found it was cancer. He had surgery again to get his thyroid cancer removed. I’m thankful it all went well. We don’t have kids yet so, I’m pretty attached to the little guy and feel bad he has been through so much lately.

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