I’m excited for 2018. I just have a feeling about this year being a good one. I didn’t set myself up with many goals last year.

Here are a few goals I’m setting for myself for 2018.

  1. Lose 5-10 percentage of body fat. Honestly, I’d like to exercise my core in general more. Losing body fat and gaining muscle is a good goal.
  2. Eat less sugar – I snack too much.
  3. Learn ReactJS – This framework is taking off & most jobs are looking for a front-end dev with react skills.
  4. Play drums for a church or a band – I play drums at home a lot. Would be cool to play for a church or a band. I’m a little nervous about the time commitment of this goal but, it’s my favorite hobby so, why not?

Happy New Years all! I hope it’s a happy and healthy year for everyone.


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