I haven’t had the time to reflect the last few months. Things have been busy and I haven’t had a free moment to just sit and think. Every time I do sit and think, I end up thinking about Omaha. Things here haven’t been bad, they have actually been good. But when I think about my time in Omaha, I often think about the time I spent at “home”.

Home is where the heart is – I spent my first 26 years of my life in Nebraska and naturally, when I think of home, I think of being there. If I were to say I didn’t miss it, I’d be lying. I had spent 5 years in Omaha and in 5 years I had a part-time job that I enjoyed, a band, and friends for the first time since college. While my job situation was a bit unstable, the cost of living was low. I could have made something work.

I left a comfortable situation for the unknown. I’ve grown more in the last year than I have in my entire life. Not because of the simple act of moving, but mostly because I’ve learn what’s important in life. My wife and I have grown closer by relying solely on each other. I’ve basically started over with friends, and I quickly found myself back at square one.

We learn how to interact with people at a very young age so making new friends should be relatively easy. As a 28 year old married man who doesn’t have kids and codes for a living, making new friends is hard. The majority of my days consists of languages that only nerds and computers understand. When trying to connect with someone by talking to them about work, I normally end up with confusing looks. Most married couples my age are having kids; a lot of them. When I hop on Facebook to see what my friends are up to, I see nothing but baby photos. Of course, I’m happy for them, I’m just not quite there yet.

What I’m getting at is, we all make our own choices. I accept my choice to move across the country to support my wife’s career. At the end of the day, I miss home but am enjoying our new adventure. There is always something to be thankful for. The opportunity to grow, learn, and experience something new is what I’m thankful for right now.

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