Purpose of Post

I do a blog post for every birthday, mostly to reflect on the year and the things that happened. To take a step back and see what I can do to improve myself and continue growing for the next year.

Every year there are up’s and down’s. Sometimes there is a lot going on and other years are tame and kind of boring. This year was an exciting one for me.

Start of the Year

A year ago at this time I was going with the flow. I had just started freelancing. Beth and I were in the middle of arrangements to move to California. At first, I hated the idea. I was pretty set in my ways. I had a band that I enjoyed playing in, I was working for Apple, I had some great friendships that were just starting to take off for the first time since college. Things were going well for me.

I took a moment and realized what this move would do for Beth’s career. I know Beth would do the same for me in a heart beat. I realized that this is part of being in a marriage. You take some, then you give some. It was my time to give. I took a leap of faith and told her I was okay to move. I knew it was going to be an adventure and I knew I wanted to get out of Nebraska for a little bit of my life. We spent the month of December prepping and arrived in California on January 1st 2013.

Mid Year

I was lucky to have established my freelancing career in Omaha. It made the transition easier as I knew more people and had referrals coming in. Freelancing kept me busy while I got use to my new surroundings. It gave me a reason to grow and learn about my career. I did this by learning WordPress. I went to a few developer meet up’s. This paved the way for my career path.

Working from home allowed me to travel with Beth more than I had ever traveled in my life. I got to experience new places that were known to me but I was never lucky enough to visit until now. Some places we have been in the last year:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Monetary / Carmel
  3. Sonoma
  4. Lake Tahoe
  5. Portland
  6. Oakland
  7. Reno
  8. Point Reyes
  9. Mt. Shasta
  10. Denver & Breckenridge

I’ve been posting pictures of all of these trips through out the year. Feel free to check them out in older posts.

Last Half Of The Year

I was fortunate enough to attend developer conferences. I figured, I now live in the tech capital of the world. I better take advantage of it. This gave me the opportunity to meet a company whom I’ve become employed by: Bourn Creative. I feel I’ve bettered myself and have been humbled. With this position, I’m still able to travel with Elizabeth and spend time with her as she travels for work.

Last week Elizabeth and I decided to purchase a house. Moving is never fun and purchasing real estate in California has been an eye opening experience. Homes here are at least 2.5 times more expensive than in Nebraska. We ended up finding something that we quite love. We just moved in this last week and have a lot of things to put away.

Next Year

Ever since turning 25, I haven’t gotten excited for my birthday. Getting older isn’t as excited as it once was. My spirit is still youthful though. I may have to pay a mortgage, budget for bills and be responsible but, we still have fun everyday.

I anticipate a very fulfilling 28th year. I hope to keep traveling, learning, and growing. I hope to find a band in the area and establish new friendship. I also hope to be open minded and continue to try new adventures. Whatever this next year holds, I’m sure it’s meant to be.

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