Soon enough we will be purchasing a home in the area. I can’t wait to start playing drums again. Drums and apartment life don’t mix well.

My family is also coming to visit Oct. 25-28. Parents, Grandma and my Aunt are all attending. So far we have plans to visit Muir Woods to go on a little hike on the first day and then check out Sonoma for the 2nd day they are here. Then the rest of the time they are going to see Sacramento and experience California.

I have been going through an Invisalign treatment to straighten out me teeth. Most people say I already have straight teeth but they have been shifting. I’d rather do the 6-month treatment with Invisalign then wait and have to do braces for 2 years. It hasn’t been horrible so far. My teeth hurt every now and then but nothing I can’t handle.

Beth and I joined a dodgeball team, we play every Sunday and we are starting to learning the official rules. It’s been great getting to meet people.

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