I have strong feelings about both Apple products and Google products. I have Google account as well as an Apple iCloud account and would be very happy if I could just use one account. There are too many plus’s and minus’s for each company.

I love how simple Apple is with software. As long as you are using everything locally on your computer, you won’t run into many issues. I find myself having a tuff time when it comes to managing photos, music, documents, and contacts in iCloud. Yep, I said contacts.

When iOS6 was released I quickly found myself frustrated. My address book that was once organized was completely messed up because of iCloud. Facebook contacts were imported and some of my contact had actually lost their phone numbers. I added a contact and it’s gone the next day for some reason.

I can only store 1k photos at one time and I never know which photos are on what device and viewable. I like the fact that documents work on all devices but, I’m not quite sold on the “no file system” way of thinking quite yet. At the moment, I feel like Dropbox and Google Drive are probably the right path to take with cloud filing systems.

Apple has some catching up to do when it comes to cloud syncing services.¬†Ideally, I’d like to be able to use 1 account for everything. As for right now, I find that using Apple hardware and Google services is the best of both worlds.

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