Being a web designer for a living is an interesting job. Seams like everyone in Omaha does web design and development. One of the first lessons I learned from the industry is to never sell yourself short. What I do for a living has value and means something.

Most people close to my age tend to go online to get information before actually going to the company for service, be it whatever they are offering. To brand a company online is like creating the face of that company. For most people now, this is the first thing they see before stepping foot in a companies facility. This is a BIG deal.

I was talking to my auto-mechanic last night. He feels like he doesn’t want to charge people a lot for his service because there are quite a few mechanics out their that charge $100/hr to do the same work. They are dishonest and tell their customers they need extra work done when in reality they don’t.

I appreciate the love he has for his job and service. It means something to me. I could get online and watch a youtube video on how to fix my car. Spend hours fixing it to find out I forgot something major. I simply don’t want to spend the time to do that. I want an expert to get it done right the first time. I’ll pay for that.

Web development is no different. While websites don’t have the same risk as a car they certainly will make or break how much business a company can get.

If someone isn’t willing to pay you what your expertise is worth, don’t sweat it. There are companies out their that value what you offer and those are the clients you will want to have in the long run.

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