The first day of Spring was 2 days ago. I’m shocked at how calm our winter was. I heard a guy on the radio say “because we had such a mild winter our storm season will be intense”. I don’t mind having a fun thunderstorm season. I enjoy sitting by a window with a cup of coffee playing guitar while watching a storm.

Here are the things on my list to do this summer…

1. Workout – I want to run a few 5k’s

2. Pay someone to do my yard work – I HATE doing yard work. I don’t want to waste this summer by having to spend all my free time making sure my neighbors don’t hate me because my tree’s limbs are everywhere.

3. Make some decisions – I’d like to take some time to think and make some decisions on what I want to focus on for my future.

4. Ride my moped! – I get to pick up my moped from the shop tonight. I plan on going out and enjoying it afterwards.

5. Relax – Going to art festivals, enjoying time with friends, and taking a second to enjoy life.

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