I’ve been asked by quite a few people how my new position at Delinea Design is going. Here is an update.

I’ve been working at Delinea since December 15th. That means I’ve already been working there for 3 weeks. I’m still in the honeymoon phase but I’ve really been enjoying my new job.

Delinea has a movie night. Once every week the employees get together and watch a movie at the Delinea studio. They setup a projector and have movie theater seating. This week ended up being my week to pick the movie. I picked “Office Space”.

I also get to take my dogs to work with me. Everyone seems to love Joey and Fred. They are great dogs! I’ve taken them in with me twice so far. Haven’t had any problems yet. Its good for them to get out of the house.

Working for such a small company gives me the chance to wear many hats. I got to go to a video shoot the other day. I just hauled around equipment and watched the professionals do their work. It was fun for me to start learning about a different side of media.

I could see myself working for this company for awhile. There are good people and the work, I really enjoy.


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