Today is my last day ever of being 25 years old. I for one, am not a fan of growing old. I do feel blessed though. I have a lovely family, my health, good friends, 2 puppy dogs, the list goes on. As I spend my final hours of my youth working and hanging out with my wife, I think back to all the great moments I’ve had growing up. There have been quite a few. Thank you to all of those who have been apart of those memories.

Tomorrow, I will wake up as an adult (26 years old) and start a new journey of responsibility and oldness. Tonight I’ll have a drink and make a toast. I’ll say goodbye to my youth and hello to my adult life.

Here is a great article I found online about 26 things that suck about turning 26. I couldn’t agree more with this guy. He practically took every emotion I’m going through and put it into words.

Goodbye youth, hello aching bones.

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