It has been a busy month for tech fans. New Android devices, tablets from Amazon, and Apple products. The list goes on and on… It seems like everyone is coming out with new cloud based services. Just so you are aware, cloud based computing is defiantly the next big thing in the tech industry. Weather you like it or not our personal files will be with the tech giant servers soon enough.

Here are a few reason why cloud based computing is convent for everyone.

1. If something happens to your computer you don’t need to worry about losing your data.

2. You have your files no matter what computer you are at. i.e. work, home, mobile

3. It works in the background. There is nothing new to learn, it just works.

This last week the Apple store has seemed almost like a college party because so many people have been in the store for various reasons. One of which would be the new iPhone 4s. iOS 5 is a great new upgrade for all iPhone users and comes with the iPhone 4s. One of the big reasons this upgrade is so great is because of iCloud. I can’t count how many people have came in and ask about how the iCloud works. I’ve noticed that people just don’t understand it. This is because the cloud is seamless, they can’t see it and it just works. The cloud works in the background and syncs your files without having to think.

The best way, I’ve found to describe the cloud is to compare it to a jump drive. You just don’t physically own that jump drive. The tech giants (Apple, Amazon, Google) own those jump drives (servers) which your files are stored on.

I’m very impressed with Apple’s iCloud service. I love the fact that I can take a photo with my iPhone and when I get home that same photo is already on my computer. Same with my contacts, calendars, music, tv shows. This makes computing convenient and easy.

I hope that the future brings this to my computer as well. Imagine not having any third party software like dropbox installed and your computer just automatically backs up. So when you get to your work computer you just log in with your credentials and your files and software are already to go.

So far I’m loving the cloud. I’m just nervously awaiting for the first big security hole to happen then I’ll be biting my tongue. Either way the future is here and I’m excited to see what the next big thing brings.


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