Last night, I attended the Bon Iver concert with some friends. We had a good time hanging out, enjoying our night with great friends and conversation.

The last concert I went to before Bon Iver was Mumford and Sons and I must say they had a much cleaner/polished sound than Bon Iver. It felt like it took Bon Iver a few songs to warm up. The first few songs he was singing wrong notes and making quite a few mistakes. Bon Iver writes some pretty complex music and despite the mistakes that were made last night (with no help from the sound man) it was a breathe of fresh air to see a band have such a raw sound. By the end of the night he seemed to have found his sweet spot.

Both Bon Iver and Mumford are very passionate musically. It shines through the most when attending their concerts. The thing that stood out most to me was the fact that Mumford’s songs are written very two dimensional. They have great harmonies but all of the songs are within the same range. While having a “two dimensional vocal range” that helps out in their live show I feel like it might hinder their writing style. Quite a few songs on the Mumford and Sons cd sound the same and I have a feeling when they come out with their sophomore album we will find the same trends musically.

Bon Iver on the other hand has a very layered sound and his music. He has a lot more guts when it comes to his writing style and I feel that will lengthen his career as a song writer. His layered song writer style makes it a bit more difficult to pull off in a live show.

Mumford and Sons had a more Epic live show than Bon Iver but that doesn’t mean the rawness of the Bon Iver concert goes left un-noticed. Big props to both bands on being unique and passionate. With Bon Iver unique vocals and Mumford’s unique banjo-like sound both shows were well worth the money spent.

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