I’ll start off by saying I had a much needed 4 day vacation. I didn’t think about anything work related. My wife Elizabeth and I just hung out all 4 days doing fun things like shopping, eating out, and hanging out with friends. Time really does fly when you are having fun. I’m already back at work, wishing I could do it all over again.

Tonight we are going to the Bon Iver concert with some friends. Hopefully it will be a good concert.

I officially got my tags and plate for my moped. If you haven’t heard about my new moped yet click here. My only big task that is left is to pass the motorcycle written and driving test. Shouldn’t be too hard since I’ve been practicing.

My parents made it back from Alaska yesterday. They had a fun from the way it sounds.

Also, If you haven’t already, check out Jay and Sam’s wedding website I made. I ended up with Omaha Steaks and Jones Brothers Cupcakes from the project. :) Thanks again guys!

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