My first thoughts on Apple’s new Operating System Lion was shocking. Its one of the biggest changes in Apple’s operating system. From backwards scrolling to autosaving and airdrop. After using it for about 20 days (release date was July 20, 2011) I’m loving it.

The first week however, took me a bit to get use to the new OS. I have Snow Leopard installed on my work computer and for awhile there I was getting massively confused with scrolling. I ended up fixing this problem by downloading a reverse scrolling application which takes Snow Leopard (10.6.8) and makes the scrolling the same as Lion (10.7). I haven’t had a problem with scrolling since downloading that app.

That being said, I can’t wait till they come out with version 10.7.1. I’ve noticed a few bugs in the OS that I’d love to see get fixed. One in-particular that I’m having is my wi-fi dropping out on my iMac once it goes to sleep. This doesn’t seem to happen on my Macbook Pro for some reason, only my iMac.

To sum things up, the new features in Apple’s new OS are more than welcomed by me. I’m excited to see what happens when iCloud comes out. There are numerous things that have already been breathe of fresh air like Resume when applications resume in the same state when re-opened. This is a feature that was taken from iOS and will save me quite a bit of hassle.

Did you upgrade to Lion (10.7) already? What are your thoughts?

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