We have had a busy last few days.

– We kicked off the weekend with one of my best friends, Tim Miller. Getting to finally meet his girl friend, Kristen was a pleasure. I wish the both of them the best as they travel the next few days.

– On Friday, Blink released their new single and I also went to watch the new Harry Potter movie. Both were phenomenal.

– On Saturday, we ended up baby sitting a baby bull dog (Bruce). Joey (Our bull dog #1) was thrilled and Fred (Our bull dog #2) didn’t know what was going on. Bruce and Joey played all day with each other. It was fun getting to watch the dogs enjoy each others company.

– On Sunday, I worked until 5. After that, we had some friends over for a BBQ. It was a fun night of conversation and laughs.

Summer is in full gear. I haven’t had a night off in quite a while and I can’t say that I mind at all.

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