This statement holds true for just about everything I’ve noticed as of lately. Whether it’s your AC unit that goes out in the heat of summer, or your car’s tire pops in the middle of a busy intersection, or your friend leaves to go to the next chapter of their life. You truly don’t notice how nice, convenient, or special those relationships/things are until you lose them.

I remember living in Lexington, going to high school with my friends. I couldn’t wait to get out of that place because it was boring, in the middle of nowhere, no longer interesting. There were a million reason to not like that place. There were also many reasons to be thankful for it as well. There are many times where I miss the relationships I had in Lexington. Some of my best friends came from there. I have quite a few memories that I don’t want to loose from that crummy town. I wouldn’t be who I am today without those memories.

Starting over is certainly a nice thing to experience. I like to travel and experience new things however, I’d rather be in a rotten place with amazing friends rather than an amazing place and be lonely. A beautiful island isn’t nearly as beautiful when you can’t share it.

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