You ever get the feeling like someone is thinking about you / watching you? I’ve had this feeling quite a bit lately. Not only that, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Maybe I’m in sync with my reincarnated self or I’m just weird.

Anyways, I always thought that after college my life would slow down, get boring, and then I would be able to do what I had always wanted… play drums. :) Sadly, I haven’t played in a band since college. I have been accomplishing my other goals though. Getting better at Web Design/Development, staying social while doing that. (Thanks to everyone that works at Apple and Turnpost for the great friendships. Also to my family for their on going wonderful love and support.)

It seems as though my personality is a bit obsessive. I’ve been realizing this the older I get. The more I learn about music and computers the more interested I get and then my interests consume me. I do however, think its wise to let go of things and take a break to give these passions some time to re-align themselves. That is what this post is suppose to be about.

For the month of June my goal is to let go of everything that consumes me. Music, Computers, TV, Movies, etc… My goal is to re-align myself and make sure that I know what’s most important. Family, Friends, and Relationships. I’m going to take time to make sure I’m being a good husband, friend, son, brother. These relationships are the important things in life and I need to make sure that I don’t take them for granted.

So, if your nose starts to itch, I’m more than likely thinking about you. :)

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