The last few days haven’t been bad nor happy but they have been strange. It seems like the more I listen to music (which I have been doing non-stop lately) the more I think about things that normally I wouldn’t. My wheels start turning and I can’t control my thoughts as much as I normally do when I’m not listening to music. This doesn’t mean I’ve done anything radical but I’m certainly interested in why this happens to me.

Emotions tend to take over more as oppose to my thoughts when listening to music and then my thoughts are skewed in a direction that doesn’t quite seem like me because of my emotions. (I hope that makes sense) That leads me to a question. Does one tend to listen to their head or heart more? Which one is the right one to follow?

I personally feel as though I’m more happy when I follow my heart. I know musicians don’t make money unless they become famous. I would be the most happy if I played drums in a band all day long. Logically, my head knows that I can’t do that because I have bills to pay.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with all of this. The best conclusion is a mixture between your head and your heart, I’d imagine. I’m a web developer full time. The web designers and developers are always butting heads on which is more important, form or function. That is quite a bit like the difference between listening to your head and your heart. If you get the perfect balance in life you will reach the right decision.

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