I’m going to be completely blunt here. I didn’t mind high school at all, I had a great time. I’d even go to the extent of saying I had better high school years than most. Some of my life long best friends came from high school and I love them dearly. But, there comes a time in every one’s life where we need to grow up and evolve in life. Recently, I’ve been reminded of high school from quite a bit of drama, it’s not important the situation/situations but you’d think after being out of high school for 7 years I wouldn’t have to reminded of what it feels like to be 18 again.

I think as humans we need to grow, evolve, and change. Personally, I feel like if I’m not growing into myself more and more everyday, I’m wasting time. I only have one shot in life and if I don’t take everyday and learn from it and grow then I’m stuck. I’m stuck at age 18 where I still lived with my parents, where I was wondering and dreaming about where life will take me. Where I didn’t know what I really wanted in life. If I were still stuck wondering and dreaming about where life would take me in 10 years I would never fulfill that dream. If I was still stuck in that mentality I wouldn’t evolve into the person I want/need to become.

I’d encourage everyone to take a second and let go of the things in life that are petty. The slogan for Hastings College (the school I received my BA from) is “Pursue Your Passion”. Learn from your mistakes and take them as an opportunity to grow. We won’t stay eighteen forever, although some longer than others.

Instead of dreaming about things that you want, pursue your passion whatever it may be. Actually take the time to try and fulfill that goal. We didn’t waste 4 years of our college to dream, we spent those 4 years gaining tools we need to full fill those dreams. We spent 4 years of our lives learning so we can be reminded why we were once eighteen with a dream.


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