Lately with the release of Google Beta Music I’ve been interested in streaming music online to multiple devices. Until Apple comes out with something that is efficient for me I’ve been using GrooveShark. I personally think is better than what Google announced for their online music streaming service.

With GrooveShark you pretty much get an online iTunes library of every song out there. I’ve only had problems finding one cd from an local artist. With GrooveShark you can create playlists, add music to your library and the service is free. GrooveShark also has an “ad free” version if you want to pay for that for $6 a month. GrooveShark “Anywhere” is a $9 a month service that allows you to play music on your phone or mobile device where ever you are.

The interface has a bit of a learning curve and I think it could be cleaned up. Check it out and let me know if you like it.

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