This year for Easter I went out to Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I know, I know what you are thinking… “Scottsbluff?!? Who would want to go there?!?” Well, the answer is me. But, not by choice but because my brother lives out there. I’m not quite for sure why but he likes living in that location. To each their own. I must say, the drive is terrible…

Before we even left Omaha, my car broke down and wouldn’t start. I ended up having to get it tow truck to take it to a mechanic after signing up for AAA. I highly recommend the service if you haven’t signed up for it before. My friends at Tire Plus found out that there was an electrical chip that wasn’t working and I needed my battery replaced. After getting that fixed we finally started our journey to Scottsbluff. While on this enjoyable, pleasant ride, I got pulled over for speeding. :-/ Lucky for me the cop let me go with a warning. For that, I’m very grateful. He mentioned the ticket would have been around $500.

After we arrived to the great town of Scottsbluff, it was supper time. The rest of the night we got to catch up as a family and enjoy each others company by playing ping pong and sharing stories.

On day 2 in our journey to Scottsbluff we did quite a few fun things.

  • Ate a great Easter meal that my sister-in-law (Julie) had cooked. It was amazing!
  • Went on a great little hike up the monument in Scottsbluff (I will post pictures below of this beautiful occasion).
  • Went on another hike to chimney rock.
  • Went to get ice cream. :)
  • Had some much needed brother time together.

Day 2 was a fun filling day that made us enjoy the terrible drive to get out there. It made the trip worth while.

On Sunday, we woke up in time for church then headed back out to Omaha. That drive back was just as exciting. Not because of cop cars and mechanical problems, but because of Harry Potter on tape.

Can’t say much about Scottsbluff but I will say I did enjoy being out in nature and spending time with my family.

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