Man, normally I don’t have April Showers per say but, in 2011 the rain is defiantly coming down (side note: I love thunder storms). This month has been crazy for me. From car problems, money problems and stress to happiness and winning prizes. Things have been a roller coaster ride.

If you haven’t heard about my car problems you can read this post about my Easter weekend. Basically I had to get a membership to AAA to get my car towed then I found out I needed a new electrical chip and a new battery in my car. Elizabeth, also had to have her 2 rear-tires changed. From what I’m told, her car also needs new struts. I wish I knew more about cars.

As for the happy news, I won my first raffle ever!!! I won some web developer software from a random raffle. I was super pumped about that. WordPress plugins and themes!

Elizabeth and I also got our bathroom re-done and paid off! We are pleased with the work on the new bathroom and hope it will expand the value of our home.

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