2016 Resolutions

I usually try to do a list every year of things I want to accomplish or get better at for the new year. Here is my list for 2016.

  1. Play drums
  2. Record original songs
  3. Home updates
  4. Blog more frequently
  5. Make life simple and minimal
  6. Volunteer more
  7. Learn more programming
  8. Go to more concerts
  9. Remove stress
  10. Eat better

Some of these are pretty typical of every list but they are important to me. Let’s see how I do. Here’s to 2016! Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas 2015

We thought this years Christmas was going to be big and indeed it was. We started at 2:30 A.M. when we woke up to go to the airport. Needless to say we didn’t get much sleep.

We were hoping visit both sides of the family but sadly my dad caught the flu and we weren’t able to make it to the Lewis Christmas. He is feeling better now and tomorrow is his birthday! Everyone should call to wish him a happy birthday!

Below are some pictures of all the events that went down in Breakenridge CO for the Gledhill, Gines, Lewis Christmas.

New Toy

My bride got me a pretty sweet gift for my 30th birthday. A pork pie drum set. See the pic below.


Officially Old

This year I turn 30; that’s a big step in life. I remember when I turned 15 thinking I wanted to play in a band and travel the world. I also remember thinking by the time I was 30 I’d be ready to settle down, get married, and start thinking about a long term career. Needless to say, I grew up faster than I had imagined at 15 and I don’t mind that.

This is the year I feel like an official adult, mostly because of the number 30. It’s old enough to know better but young enough to still have fun. I’ve changed a lot though the years and still somehow stayed true to myself. I don’t think I’ll ever have everything figured out but at least I’ve learned how to learn and that’s enough for now.

I haven’t given an update on myself in awhile so here it is.

  • I’m trying to record an album. I had no idea how much work it was going to be to do 10 songs and do everything on my own. It’s going to take a lot longer than I had expected. I hope it’s worth the time and effort, only time will tell.
  • I’ve been at VSP for 1 year and 5 months already. It’s a great company to work for and I’ve learn a lot since I’ve started. I miss using WordPress daily the most since working here. There isn’t a ton of things I’d change about my job other than that. Using WordPress is much more enjoyable than any JAVA system.
  • I haven’t played drums in about 3 years and I think that is going to change soon. Beth is getting me a new drum set for this birthday and I can’t wait (I’m sure the neighbors can though).
  • We just tore out a tree in our front yard. The California drought is no joke. We are looking into replacing our lawn with rock or something that doesn’t require water.

For my 30th year I really just want to enjoy life and really focus on simplicity. Removing as much stress as possible will be my first step followed by removing physical items that I no longer use anymore. The older I get the more I want to remove things that are not needed to make room for the things that matter most.

Here is to my dirty 30’s!

Travis Barker

There are a number of reasons as to why Travis Barker is my idol. I’d start by saying his drumming is simply fantastic. I love his style, speed and passion. To me, he seems down to earth and I appreciate his roots.

If you haven’t seen Travis Barker drum, click here. He has a marching band style to his drumming that I respect and love. I feel like marching band drumming is fundamentally challenging, you have to be disciplined to be talented at it.

This last weekend, I got the opportunity to meet Travis. He was doing a book signing for his new book “Can I Say” Living large, cheating death, & drums, drums, drums. I just started reading it this week and so far I’m really enjoying it!

Travis signed my book, shook my hand and took a picture with me. I couldn’t have asked for more. The 3 hours I waited in line was worth it! Below are a few pictures from the book signing.

Apple Watch

I have always loved Apple products. When they announced the Apple Watch I didn’t think I’d want the product at all. In fact, like many others I had worries about the company and thought to myself “They can’t innovate anymore”. After all, you can only have so many home run products.

Well, recently I got one. The cheapest one. My Fitbit straps kept breaking on me and I thought what the heck, lets give it a try, so I did.

The Apple Watch does so many more functions than the Fitbit and I find myself not as… addicted to my phone. Which is a very good thing. I can’t wait for Wednesday to get the watchOS2 update. I think this update should have been what version 1 is supposed to be. I think it will really make me love this product which was very much a surprise for me.