Recently, I posted about going on a vacation to Italy & France. You can read about the back story of this vacation here. It ended up being a 2 week vacation and all it made me do was want to travel more. Initially, I was a little nervous about traveling out of the country. As I stated in my vacation post, we don’t travel a ton. I couldn’t recommend it enough though after our experience. Continue reading “Ciao”


I just had my birthday on Nov. 18th. I’ve told a few people, “turning 32 just feels right”. I can’t put my finger on why but, it does. I’m finally used to telling people I’m in my 30’s and I’m actually enjoying it.

Last year, I said all I wanted to do was blog more… Welp, I didn’t accomplish that. In fact, at one point through the year I took down this blog. I struggle with using this blog to update people or just using social media. I like the blog because it doesn’t include all the crap that comes along with social media. So, here I am, blogging again.

Goals for this year include, using this blog more. :) Hopefully that actually happens this time. I’d also like to look into fasting one day a week. Sounds weird but, I’ve heard its good on your health by balancing out your glucose. Plus, Hugh Jackman does a 16-hour fast to prep for his movies. Who doesn’t want to look like that guy?! I’ll be using an app called “Zero” to help track my progress. Once the holidays are over I’m going to try to gradually get into this routine. Lastly, I enjoyed recording my last few songs and would consider it extra credit if I got to do another one or two songs this year.

Cheers to being 32! As my grandma says, “like a fine wine, I get better with age”.  :)


We don’t take too many vacations. I mean, we moved to California in 2013 (almost 5 years ago!) and we have enjoyed exploring this great state since being here. But, we don’t go on a lot of vacations. Nearby trips, sure. But we hardly ever go on a vacation. Most of our vacation time is spent traveling back home to Nebraska, to see family and friends.

The last big vacation we went on that I can remember was to Jamaica which was over 8 years ago. Needless to say, we’ve been wanting to go on one for awhile now.

When Elizabeth and I met, we initially thought it wouldn’t last long. Not because I’m a weirdo, but because she was going to be a foreign exchange student in Italy and was in the process of doing the paper work. We figured we’d hang out for 3-4 months then that’d be the end of it.

Lucky for me, she decided to stay in the US and see how things would go between us. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to take her to Italy to get a glimpse of what she missed out on.

Well, the trip is booked and I’m brushing up on my Italian. #excited

Auburn Hiking

Beth likes to go hiking every now and then. She usually has the idea to get out of the house and I usually complain at the thought of doing any sort of physical activity; until I actually get out of the house and we start the process. I find that I enjoy hiking and other activities once embracing it. I’d encourage you to do so as well. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Here are a few pics from our trip.


Pacifica is definitely one of my favorite places. If you get the opportunity to visit, do it. We got to spend last weekend there. Below are some pics.