Seattle Day Two

Here is day two of our trip to Seattle! Enjoy! I’ve added captions to the photos to explain what everything is.

Seattle Day One

Beth and I decided to take a trip to Seattle. We have been traveling quite a bit lately but usually only when Beth has to work. This time we decided to go on a mini vacation where she doesn’t have to work so she can enjoy the entire thing. Below are some pics that we took from the trip. We had a blast! I’ve added captions to the photos to explain what everything is. Also there are 2 badly taken videos below. :)

Charity Water

Ever since moving to California I’ve been reminded numerous times about how we are in a drought. The news about the drought has been everywhere, on the local T.V. news stations, radio stations and newspapers. Outlets are promoting to save water usage non-stop. Here in the Sacramento area we are required to cut back 20% of our water usage. If caught wasting water, you could be presented up to a $500 fine.

While ALS is a terrible disease and all of the support from the latest “ice bucket challenge” has been amazing, I can’t help but think about how much water is being wasted. There are a lot of countries who don’t have clean water like we do here in America. I feel both causes are very important and I’d like to encourage everyone to check out an awesome non-profit called Charity Water.